UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador David Beckham is accompanied by children and a UNICEF staff member as he tours a UNICEF-supported centre for children who formerly lived on the streets, in Manila, the capital.

About the 7 Fund

It’s time to unlock incredible

David Beckham has seen just how much can be achieved when UNICEF invests in the potential of children. 

We want to help children around the world – especially girls – break down barriers that too often steal dreams away: bullying, violence, child marriage and missed education.

The 7 Fund is helping children in Indonesia, Nepal, Uganda and El Salvador get a true chance to prove their potential – and see how incredible they can be.

This is the next generation of athletes and artists, engineers and entrepreneurs. They can lead their communities. They can transform their countries. They can own their dreams.

David knows just what it means to have the right support when you need it. He knows what it means to have people believe in you.

With the right support, these kids can be anything. 

No limits. No barriers. Just potential.

It’s time to unlock incredible.

What the 7 Fund is supporting

Tackling bullying in Indonesia

In Indonesia, we’re tackling bullying – so children can feel safe at school and realise their potential.

Teenage girls are particularly vulnerable, and the impact can last a lifetime – destroying self-esteem and self-belief.

What we’ll do

We’ll work with students, teachers and parents to tackle the causes of bullying and help thousands of children unlock their incredible.

In schools, we’ll ask children to choose the students they want to lead efforts to stamp out bullying – and children will help choose the best action to take, too. We’ll also train and coach teachers, and help schools put safeguarding plans in place. Early results from schools in Indonesia where we’ve piloted this work suggest bullying has fallen by nearly a third.

Girls at school in Indonesia, benefitting from a UNICEF programme.

Education in Uganda

In Uganda, we’re tackling violence in schools and communities – so girls can stay in school and realise their potential.

Right now, 35 percent of girls in Uganda don’t complete secondary school. Just as they are discovering who they could become, girls face abuse in schools and pressure to drop out to help at home.

What we’ll do

We’ll run training to help teachers work sensitively with girls and boys, and we’ll run sessions with parents and community groups to show the huge, lifelong impact of supporting girls to stay in school. And we’ll set up clubs and activities at school, helping children learn, connect, feel closer to school – and ready to take control of their future.

Pupils of Jovia Nursery and Primary School in Kyanangozi village, Kisekka S/C in Lwengo district.
Kyanangozi village, Uganda.

Tackling child marriage in Nepal

Nepal has one of the highest rates of child marriage in Asia. Girls are often forced to drop out of school and are left especially isolated – their potential stolen away.

What we’ll do

We’re working with schools and with children who aren’t in school, helping them to get an education and learn new skills to unlock their incredible.

Our support will include a nine-month programme to help girls who aren’t in school return to education. During the programme, girls will learn a wide range of topics from maths to human rights. We’ll also run after school clubs so that girls and boys can learn life skills, focus on their dreams and start to change attitudes in their communities. Together we can stop child marriage destroying children’s ambitions.

Nepal National Secondary School, Siyarahi Settlement: Girls shake hands after a game of football on the village field
Nepal National Secondary School, Siyarahi Settlement: Girls shake hands after a game of football on the village field.

Tackling violence in El Salvador

In El Salvador, we’re tackling violence – so children can grow up free from fear and realise their potential.

El Salvador is one of the most violent countries in the world that’s not at war. It’s ranked one of the deadliest countries for women. Children here are denied even the most basic chance to play outside because it’s so dangerous.

What we’ll do

The 7 Fund will help unlock incredible by addressing the underlying causes of violence against children, especially girls.

We’ll set up a helpline for children affected by violence and train teachers to support children at risk. We’ll work to ensure schools are safe too, creating mediation services and setting up committees where students, teachers and parents can help stop violence together. And we’ll work with local authorities to create places where children can safely play and take part in sport. Violence isn’t inevitable, and we’re on a mission to stop it ruining young lives.

The hands of a UNICEF child protection specialist hold those of a girl who has been targeted by a gang member, San Marcos, El Salvador.
The hands of a UNICEF child protection specialist hold those of a girl who has been targeted by a gang member, San Marcos, El Salvador.

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