The 7 Fund in Action

Past and Present

We’re on a mission to help children break down barriers and unlock their incredible potential

Our current programmes tackle bullying, violence, child marriage and missed education, and making sure children – especially girls – get a true chance to realise their potential in Indonesia, Nepal, Uganda and El Salvador.

The coronavirus pandemic has hit children hard all over the world and for the most vulnerable, the barriers they face are becoming even harder to overcome.  Our projects are more important now than ever.



girls in Nepal

enrolled in a return to school programme


adolescents in Indonesia

participated in polls to share their opinions on bullying and mental health


adolescents in Uganda

are benefiting from a better learning environment and access to services in schools


children in El Salvador

are safer in their schools and communities

Meet Rashida

Rashida, who lives in Nepal, does not go to school – although she wants to. Her parents can only afford to send her brothers to school and all of her sisters married young. “I knew I was next,” Rashida says.

Rashida has been able to attend special classes supported by UNICEF for pupils out of school. There,  she discovered that child marriage is illegal.

Not only did the class help me understand what I wanted to do with my life, it also gave me the courage to raise my voice against something I knew was wrong.

Rashida, Nepal

For the first time, Rashida feels able to speak out against her marriage. She has support from her teacher, who speaks to her parents about the importance of education for girls.

“I made up my mind not to go through with it,” she says.

Her family have agreed to cancel the wedding. Now, she is back in class and happily learning.

Shining a light on vulnerable children around the world

From Central America to Cambodia, Papua New Guinea to Central & Eastern Europe, 7: The David Beckham UNICEF Fund has shone a light on forgotten and vulnerable children and given them a voice when they would otherwise have gone unheard.

We’ve supplied polio vaccinations, drilled wells and brought clean water to schools and communities. We’ve provided HIV drugs to pregnant mothers and given life-saving food to malnourished children. Here are some of our previous achievements in numbers:

"In the last three years, to say I'm proud is an understatement.

But I know there's still a lot more we can achieve."

-David Beckham

Discover more about 7: The David Beckham Unicef Fund