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The escalating conflict in Ukraine is putting the lives and well-being of the countryโ€™s 7.5 million children in immediate danger.ย 

Humanitarian needs across the country are multiplying every day as more and more families are forced to flee their homes as a result of the conflict.

UNICEF teams are on the ground in Ukraine, and neighbouring countries, providing access to critical, life-saving services and support. This includes access to healthcare, drinking water, mental health and psychosocial support and education.

As the conflict continues to escalate, it is estimated that up to 5 million people – mainly women and children – could seek refuge in neighbouring countries as they are forced from their homes.

The time to act is now. Please give what you can to support.

Girl looks at crater left by explosion in Ukraine

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I created my Fund with UNICEF because I want a world where children grow up safe from violence, war, poverty and hunger.
David Beckham

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