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7: The David Beckham UNICEF Fund is David’s personal commitment to helping children who need it most.

Together, we want to ensure that every child is protected from danger. In doing this David and UNICEF will create lasting change for children. Through 7, David will set a powerful example for others to join him in giving their voice, their time and their support to UNICEF, helping children in every region of the world and in every aspect of UNICEF’s work.

Over the coming years, David’s ambition is to raise vital funds and influence world leaders in order to help protect the world’s most vulnerable children.

David will use his voice and connections to raise vital funds and advocate for change to ensure that UNICEF and its partners can deliver results for children. Whether in education, water and sanitation, health care or social protection - 7 will help to reach the children who need it most.         


Donations accepted in GBP £, USD $ and Euro. To donate to your local Unicef, visit